On Jan. 6 earlier this year, I sat in my apartment in Denver and watched on live TV as the riot unfolded at our nation’s capital. I felt helpless, saddened, angered and frustrated, sitting there more than a thousand miles from the scene. I am not a political activist by any means but I realized that I can affect change in the world through music, our universal language. That’s what this mix is about. As you listen to it, keep in mind the imagery that accompanies the music. When the lyrics and messages are playing, instead of the traditional lover/girlfriend/boyfriend character intended to hear them, picture Trump. Instead of the intensity in the songs portrayed as romantic passion, picture misguided patriotic rage.

This mix was especially fun to put together. Opening with a match of Culture Shock and Black Sun Empire/State of Mind, it moves quickly into matches from heavies like Subfocus and Dimension, along with a classic from Raiden. Also included in the mix are massive tracks from ShockOne and Niaka, who I pair with an iconic Trip Theory track. Yep, Naika with Trip Theory…you just gotta hear it. The mix officially ends with my Underworld Supercut, featuring three of Underworld’s biggest tracks playing on two channels. The only way to describe it is organized chaos, which was the point. Again, keep the Jan. 6 riot imagery in mind when listening.

And for a first, I have included a bonus match which I call “The Dying Freestyler” match. Just let the mix play for about a minute after it ends and the bonus track will begin playing. When I was ready to record the set, I realized I had two matches featuring “Dying Light” by Metrik and I loved both. But I had to choose only one and felt like the dueling wah-wah pedals of “Dying” and “Rock It” was tighter and ran with that. However, I couldn’t not share the match of “Dying Light” with the iconic “Freestyler” by Bomfonk MC’s. I think they sound rad together and I think you will, too.

Plus, I just fucking LOVE the opening of “Dying Light.” Gorgeous. Enjoy my friends…

– “Visions” by Culture Shock
– “Until the World Ends” by Black Sun Empire & State of Mind
– “Parallel” by Metrik ft. Grafix
– “Solar System” by Subfocus
– “Generator” by Dimension
– “Infected” by Raiden
– “Offender” by Dimension
– “Follow Me” by ShockOne
– “Dying Light” by Metrik ft. ShockOne
– “Rock It” by Subfocus (Wilkinson remix)
– “The Sauce” by Niaka
– “Something for Your Mind” by Trip Theory
– “Born Slippy” by Underworld
– “Tin There” by Underworld
– “Cowgirl (Remastered)” by Underworld
*Bonus – “Dying Light” by Subfocus (Wilkinson remix)
*Bonus – “Freestyler” by Bomfonk MC’s

*No copyright infringement intended. This production is not for profit.
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