FriedSushi bio: FriedSushi, a.k.a. Sasha Heller, has been involved in the American rave scene for the last 15 years. Sasha spent the first 8 of those years working as an afterparty promoter in Atlanta & Savannah, Ga. While in Savannah, he learned to mix and assumed the FriedSushi moniker. Over the last 7 years, FriedSushi has played parties in Savannah, Jackson (MS), Indianola (MS), northern New Mexico & on South Padre Island (TX). In 2012, FriedSushi started Delta DUB Productions, along with fellow co-founder Mario Strong. Unfortunately, we lost Mario in early 2014, which left a huge hole in all of our hearts.

FriedSushi enjoys experimenting with new sounds & styles, but mostly frequents the genres of Drum’n’Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep, Darkstep & Trap. If you haven’t heard his mixes yet, navigate over the Sounds page & check out some of his beats. Delta DUB was founded in 2011.