The Hyderbadass returns.

We rejoin him on his epic journey to regain his love and overcome The Villain. As the story picks up, our hero is despondent as The Villain has kidnapped our hero’s true love. The Hyderabadass is all alone, fearful and dredging rock bottom.
Until he meets an ally — The Funk Soul Brother — who is also on a revenge tour with a similar goal of taking out The Villain.
With many battles laying ahead — this unlikely duo must team up if they want to accomplish their mission.
Featuring massive tracks from heavyweights like Daft Punk, Pendulum, Outkast, Ian Brown, Chemical Brothers, Subfocus, and more, this mix hits hard.
And stay tuned in 2024 for part three of The Hyderabadass Trilogy.
As always, please enjoy.
Daft Punk: Recognizer (Tron Legacy Soundtrack)
Spor: Cannon
Ian Brown: F.E.A.R.
Dossa & Locuzzed: Stuff
Chemical Brothers: Out of Control
Daft Punk: The Game Has Changed (Tron Legacy Soundtrack)
Subfocus: Timewarp
Fatboy Slim: Rockafella Skank
Enei: No Man
Stay-C: Russian Doll
Pendulum: Midnight Runner
Outkast: Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac)
Daft Punk: Rinzler (Tron Legacy Soundtrack)
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