Meet The Hyderabadass.

The concept for this mix was to appeal to a broader audience, one that is more global, as I’ve noticed that India & Pakistan are routinely in the top 10 of my download totals.
So I selected tracks that fit into this concept and, with their lyrics, sounds and style, helped create a narrative, which is as follows:

The Hyderabadass is born. He learns about the importance of good vs. evil and chooses to be a hero. He then falls for a beautiful young woman. After meeting his match in love, he meets his match on the battlefield as we are introduced to The Villain. 
The Villain is hellbent on war and destruction and will stop at nothing until he controls everything. But our hero, The Hyderabadass, won’t let that happen. By the end of the mix, he finds his purpose and realizes what he must do…stop The Villain.

This is part one of a planned three-part mix as we will retell the legend of The Hyderabadass. So stay tuned for the next chapter to be released later this year.
With massive tracks from heavyweight producers like Dub FX, Andy C, Dimension and many more, this mix will keep you banging and hanging around for chapter two.
Thanks and please enjoy.
– Dub FX ft. Cade & Mahesh Vinayakram: No Rest for the Wicked
– RL Grime: Core (Flite RMX)
– Dub FX ft. Mr. Woodnote: Flow
– Dossa & Locuzzed: Stuff
– Dub FX ft. Flower Fairy: Wandering Love (live in Goa, India)
– Gyrofield: Tech Flex VIP
– Eric Prydz: Generate (Dimension RMX)
– Spor: Beam Cannon
– Ram Trilogy: No Reality (Andy C RMX)
– Reaper: Coach
– K Motionz ft. Commadee: Step it Up
– Kanine ft. Killa P: Deal with Dem
– Teddy Killerz: Negative Thoughts
– Enei: No Man
– Crystal Method: Busy Child
– S.P.Y.: Hardcore Harry
*This production is not for profit. No copyright infringement intended.
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